Gossamer Blue: August Blog Hop

8月のBlog Hopです

では ぜひメンバー達の作品を見に行ってみてください^^

 Please go to see wonderful DT member's work!

  Alex Hunter
  Anabelle O'Malley
  Andrea Gray
  Brenda Smith
  Brenda Weaver
  Diane Payne
  Emily Spahn
  Erin Taylor
  Eyoung Lee
  Felicitas Mayer
  France Wisniewski
  Heather Leopard
  Jill Cornell
  Jill Keller
  Kasia Przybyt
  Kathleen Graumuller
  Kellie Winnell
  Kelly Xenos
  Laura Rahel Crosby
  Michelle Wedertz
  Michiko Kato                    ← It's Me!
  Olatz Garaiyurrebaso
  Patricia Roebuck
  Rebecca Luminarias
  Sian Fair
  Stephanie Buice
  Yana Smakula

4 件のコメント:

  1. I love all your layering it's awesome!

  2. Nice layout! Cool inspiration!

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